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Four Digits to Memorize Do you love reading the New York Times but sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of articles and information? Do you wish you could improve your memory and recall the most important facts and details from the news? If so you might want to try a simple and fun technique memorizing four digits.

What Are The Four Digits to Memorize?

Four Digits to Memorize are a code that corresponds to a specific article in the New York Times. The code consists of the section page column and article numbers. For example the code 1-12-3-2 means section 1 (the front page) page 12 column 3 article 2.

You can find the code for any article by looking at the top left corner of the page where the section and page numbers are printed. Then count the columns from left to right and the articles from top to bottom. You can also use the Four Digits to Memorize | Global World Right now website or app to find the code for any article online.

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How Does it Work?

The idea is to choose an article that interests you and memorize its four-digit code. Then read the article carefully and try to remember the main points facts and details. You can also take notes or highlight the key information.

Now you use the Four Digits to Memorize. After you finish reading test yourself by recalling the code and the content of the article. You can use the NYT Mini Crossword as a fun way to check your memory. The Mini Crossword is a small puzzle that appears every day on the Four Digits to Memorize website and app. It has only 10 clues and sometimes one of them is related to a recent article. For example on October 21 2023 the clue for 1-Down was “Four digits to memorize”. The answer was PIN which is the acronym for the four-digit code.

Four Digits to Memorize is very interesting feature. If you see a clue that matches the code of the article you memorized you can easily fill in the answer and feel proud of your memory. If you Four Digits to Memorize see a matching clue you can still review the article in your mind and try to recall as much as possible.

Why Should You Try It?

Four Digits to Memorize and the corresponding article has many benefits for your brain and your enjoyment of the NYT. Here are some of them:

  • It improves your memory and attention span. By memorizing the code and the content you are exercising your short-term and long-term memory as well as your focus and concentration. You are also challenging yourself to remember more than just the headline or the summary of the article but the details and nuances that make it interesting and informative.
  • It enhances your learning and comprehension. By reading the article carefully and testing yourself afterwards you are reinforcing your understanding and retention of the information. You are also exposing yourself to different topics perspectives and vocabulary that can enrich your knowledge and curiosity.
  • It adds fun and variety to your reading. By choosing an article that interests you and using the Mini Crossword as a game you are making your reading more enjoyable and engaging. You are also adding an element of surprise and challenge to your reading as you never know what article or clue you will encounter next.

How To Get Started?

If you want to try this technique here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Start with one article and one code per day. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many articles or codes as that might make it harder to remember and recall. You can gradually increase the number of articles and codes as you get more comfortable and confident with the technique.
  • Choose an article that interests you and is relevant to your goals. You can pick any article from any section of the NYT as long as it catches your attention and relates to your personal or professional interests.
  • For example if you are a sports fan you might want to memorize an article about your favorite team or player. If you are a business person you might want to memorize an article about a market trend or a company strategy.
  • Use mnemonics and associations to help you remember the code and the content. Mnemonics are memory aids that help you encode and recall information more easily. For example you can use acronyms rhymes images or stories to link the code and the content. For instance if the code is 2-8-4-1 you can remember it as “Two ate for one” and associate it with an article about a restaurant deal or a food review.
  • Review the article and the code regularly. To prevent forgetting you should review the article and the code at least once a day preferably at different times and in different contexts. You can also use spaced repetition which is a technique that involves reviewing the information at increasing intervals such as after one hour one day one week etc. This way you can consolidate your memory and make it more durable and retrievable.

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Memorizing four digits and the corresponding article is a fun and effective way to boost your memory and enjoy the New York Times. It can help you improve your memory and attention span enhance your learning and comprehension and add fun and variety to your reading.

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